Since I had my first point and shoot camera, I have been fascinated with taking pictures. I was the first in my class to try the infamous (if not graphically terrible) disk camera, saturate not one but TWO underwater digital cameras in salt water, and at one point tote 5 cameras on vacation, all slung in various angles around my neck, waist, or in a backpack. For those who traveled with me, "action shots" became a dreaded and equally mocked phrase. But at the end of the day, those action shots are what we enjoy most.


Finally, the photography bug took a firm hold when I turned 40, and didn't let go. I found that not only is being behind the lens fun, but also extremely rewarding. My goal? Capture the inner and outer beauty of everyone and everything and immortalize it. 


Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I loved taking them.